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The ICPFSB is an international non-profit organization, operating under the Universal Postal Union (UPU) since 1993 and associating postal banks and providers of postal and financial services. Promoting the role and specificity of postal banking within the retail banking sector and creating a platform for cooperation amongst our members are of our key missions.


What is new on our website...

As announced in December 2008, the ICPFSB website has changed its face and added more user-friendly functions and useful services.

  • On the homepage we will draw you attention to a “hot topic” – short articles or comments of interesting issues currently in a center of the financial or postal sector or in the Commissions´s activities.
  • Are you looking for more information about the ICPFSB? In the part called About us, you can learn more about our mission, vision, strategy and key objectives.
  • Do you want to know who our members are or do you want to become one of them? See more details about members and member benefits in the Members and partners section.
  • Are you interested in current news from around the financial and postal sector? In News and newsletters, you can find a monitoring of main worldwide e-newspapers and related financial and postal institutions sorted by weeks and months. As a registered ICPFSB member, you will get advantage of your membership by receiving the weekly monitoring directly to your email (see more in the Member benefits).
  • Details about important events hold by ICPFSB or by other relevant institutions are displayed in the Events section.
  • If you want to send us an email, letter or call us, see the contact details in  Contact.

We are eager to hear your feed-back to the new website, ICPFSB activities and to answer any questions you might have regarding the Commission.

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